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Chick-fil-A now under construction in Red Bank

Red Bank, SC (Paul Kirby) – After intense market research using their food truck, and multiple false rumors of their intention to build in the Red Bank area over a 5-year period, Chick-fil-A has officially started construction in that community. Site work has just begun for the company’s newest Lexington County restaurant off Platt Springs Road. It's being built on an outparcel of the Publix supermarket near South Lake Drive.

To test the market, Chick-fil-A began bringing their food truck into the vibrant, fast-growing community over a year ago. They set up several times on the property of Radius Church White Knoll. Each time, cars filled with customers snaked around the property as hungry Chick-fil-A lovers waited patiently for their chicken fix. It was a clear indicator that the people of the community wanted them to build a permanent, brick and mortar store in their area.

After past announcements of new fast-food establishments coming to that area were released, many people seemed frustrated and disappointed that the new restaurant would in fact be fast-food and not something more upscale. People in that community have never tried to hide the fact that they desire a fast casual eatery that would serve steaks, seafood, and other choices like ribs and upscale burgers, and salads. Since this announcement involves a Chick-fil-A, the level of complaints isn’t expected to reach the same volume as before.

Chick-fil-A has an almost cult following. They have based ad maintained their business model on their founders’ strong Christian beliefs. That founder, Truett Cathy, believed that Sunday was a day of rest designated by God and to this day, Chik-fil-As are not open on Sunday.

People simply adore their food. Many other chains have entered into the “Chicken Sandwich Wars”, but none have been able to topple Chick-fil-A from its constant prominent spot at the top of the chicken sandwich heap.

Chick-fil-A has also had their food truck in the Batesburg-Leesville area of Lexington County over the past year. The town’s Mayor Lancer Shull recently said they set up on a vacant lot near Columbia Avenue and Main Street in Leesville and once they opened the truck for business, “They were absolutely packed.” According to Shull, “They were so packed that we had to ask them to relocate to a different spot because the traffic caused by the waiting cars backed up into Hwy. 1 and began to cause a traffic problem.” Shull said that he hasn’t heard any more from the chain about building a permanent location in Batesburg-Leesville but if the response to their food truck was any indication of the support the community would give them, they very well could be headed to that western Lexington County town next.

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