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City of Cayce spokesperson says Parkland Plaza rumors, “Are absolutely not true,” good news coming

Cayce, SC (Paul Kirby) 11/23/2020 - A spokesperson for the City of Cayce said Monday afternoon that any rumors regarding Parkland Plaza being repurposed or replaced with apartments is absolutely not true! For the past few weeks, the community was abuzz about possible changes coming. One of the most prevalent rumors churning was that of a total repurposing of the property. The apartment theory gained traction last week after the owners of D’s Wings announced their lease had not been renewed and they were moving to neighboring West Columbia.

According to Ashley Hunter, spokesperson for the city, there is exciting news regarding economic development in Cayce coming next week. That announcement involves Parkland Plaza. She once again reiterated that any rumors of it being repurposed into apartment living simply are not true.

For many of the citizens of that part of Lexington County, this statement by Hunter comes as a huge relief. Another tenant of Parkland Plaza is the Kingsman restaurant. It is a landmark in Cayce and people come from across the Midlands to enjoy its delicious fare. It’s also an important meeting spot for businesspeople who discuss plans and make deals over a great meal.

Parkland Plaza also includes a wonderful Ace Hardware with exceptional service. The next choice for hardware is some distance away.

The Bi-Lo grocery store at Parkland Plaza is being remodeled into a modern Food Lion. According to a member of the property management team, that conversion is expected to begin in January of 2021. That store is a necessity, not just a convenience to some residents of the area. Both these retailers and others in Parkland Plaza are the shopping spot of choice for many apartment dwellers, the citizens of The Avenues, the Mill Hill, and other areas of both Cayce and West Columbia. These types of businesses are essential to the quality of life for many of those residents.

Whatever plans are to be announced, Cayce is still growing and the Parkland Plaza property at the corner of State and Knox Abbott certainly will play an integral part in its future. The property’s history, locale, and fame will always bring back fond memories for thousands. For those who’ve taken a date to the bowling alley, poured sweat and cried over the Suicide wings at D’s while their friends laughed, or enjoyed a lunch with clients or friends at the Kingsman, Parkland Plaza will always mean Cayce.


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