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Club near Pine Ridge and Cayce causes uproar with Halloween night gathering

Pine Ridge, SC (Paul Kirby) – A club near Pine Ridge and Cayce in the unincorporated portion of Lexington County caused an uproar with their neighbors Saturday night by hosting a large, loud Halloween gathering. According to residents who live nearby, cars were parked in long lines on both sides of Fish Hatchery Road near Indigo Place. Revelers, some wearing very revealing costumes, packed the bar formerly know as Jak’s for a huge party that lasted well into Sunday morning according to reports. 

Neighbors complained and several called the Lexington County Sheriff's Department about the party. Deputies responded to the club regarding noise and traffic complaints; however, Captain Adam Myrick, a spokesman for the sheriff’s department, said that no reports were written. The SC Highway Patrol did make an arrest in that vicinity Saturday night and one individual was charged with driving under the influence. 

According to residents living nearby, the drivers of the vehicles that lined the sides of Fish Hatchery Road showed no regard for their property or safety. One said on social media that people were parking in yards and blocking the driveways of several homes. Another said the noise was unbearable, the parking situation caused a traffic hazard, and the gathering continued well past midnight. In September, South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster rolled back one of his eased restrictions on bars and clubs due to a surge in cases of the COVID-19. He once again ordered all bars serving alcohol to close by 11:00 p.m. One person said via social media that there was no way that a party that loud and raucous was occurring without alcohol being served.  

Another person complained on social media about the issues and described the bar as an “Illegal strip club.” There is no indication that any law enforcement agency has begun an investigation into whether that accusation is true.

A person that uses the Facebook handle "Rich Parr Mfm" indicated on social media that he was a partner in the bar’s when it was brought back to life. When it started going downhill, Parr said in a recent interview that it dashed all his plans.

Rich Parr is actually now a well-known Christian performer. He says he once performed country music at the original club decades ago. “I really hate that this has happened. When I opened that place back up as P's Nashville South, I wanted to bring in good clean entertainment and food that the community could be proud of,” he said via Facebook. 

In an interview a week following his Facebook post, Parr said that the place was never intended to be a club when a feeling of nostalgia swept over him and he first had thoughts of reopening the old Jak's under the new name that indicated it would be a country music venue. "I really wanted it to be a place where people could go and enjoy some old country tunes like it was when I was younger. I thought it would also honor Jak's memory." Parr went onto explain that it was really going to be a restaurant that also served drinks. "I intended for it to be a place where people could go with their families, enjoy a good meal, and hear some great country tunes. If someone wanted to have a few drinks, they could enjoy that too. It just didn't happen that way. Almost immediately, it was taken out of my hands and pointed in the wrong direction."

Parr went on to say that he had a partner that brought in a “former stripper to manage the place,” and that’s when the bar and its patrons’ behavior began to go downhill. He said he attempted to fire the manager many times but could never get his business partner to back him. "He fought me every step of the way and even though we were an LLC and had paperwork, it didn't seem like he considered it a 50/50% proposition at all. My input was completely ignored and because I travel a great deal, when I would get back into town, I would find it had become something I just didn't even recognize." He continued by saying he tried to dissolve the partnership and thought that would cancel the current lease and licenses. That apparently did not happen. "Even if you own half the business, if the partners don't agree, you can't just close the doors and lock the place. Wrestling any control back from a partner who's just taken the club and run with it can be a long drawn out legal fight."

Parr said that he has now expended his financial resources to try and disentangle himself from the business so now, “All I can do at this point is apologize to the community.” He went on to say he was “railroaded,” by the partner just like the surrounding community. In closing he said, “This breaks my heart to see what is going on with this former entertainment land mark [sic] built by Jak Jenkins to bring great entertainment to the area. I wanted to follow in his foot steps [sic].”

At this point, it remains to be proven if any illegal activity has taken place at the club. If law enforcement continues to have to respond to that location and multiple reports are made, there are steps that could be taken to declare the business a public nuisance. That often involves law enforcement agencies having to respond to incidents where violence is involved. At that point, the bar's license to sell alcohol could be revoked after a hearing. 

This will probably be an ongoing story. We will update it as more information becomes available. 

Photo taken at 1:00 a.m. by Facebook user.

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