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Cool Zoo coming to Jamil Shrine Center during Repticon 2021 this weekend

St. Andrews, SC 11/05/2021 - Cool Zoo, an interactive and educational wildlife travel exhibit, featuring hands-on encounters with exotic animals, will be headlining this weekend’s Repticon exhibition. The event will take place on November 6 and November 7 at the Jamil Shrine Temple off Jamil Road in Lexington County.

Cool Zoo will present the Midlands community with one-of-a-kind, animal experiences for pet lovers and exotic hobbyists alike. The animal experiences will feature a variety of exotic animals to include giant snakes, crocodiles, lemurs and chameleons. Guests will have the opportunity to receive hands-on education about these unique animals and will have the chance to commemorate the experience with photo opportunities holding the exotic wildlife.

The exhibit will feature Cool Zoo’s signature attraction, The Hermit Crab Adoption Center by Mister Crabs. The educational experience is free for all Repticon attendees and includes the opportunity to observe and touch rare and famous hermit crabs from around the globe. Cool Zoo is proud to offer the world’s largest hermit crab sanctuary and through their efforts have rescued thousands of crabs from death. Guests will have the option to adopt rescued hermit crabs as well as purchase travel companion kits, shells, hermit crab food and accessories.

“It’s an honor to provide the Columbia community with the opportunity to receive a hands-on education on these beautiful creatures. We hope that through our efforts, people will have a newfound appreciation for these amazing animals,” explained Jim DeBerry, CEO of Cool Zoo.

Repticon, a recognized leader in hosting reptile and exotic animal expos throughout the United States, is coming to South Carolina with an outstanding mixture of vendors and breeders. This family-oriented, fun-filled event offers guests the opportunity to learn about animals not normally seen in local pet stores. Breeder-vendors are always willing to teach in their field of herpetology. Tickets are sold online and are $10 for adults, $5 for children from ages 5-12 and children under age 4 are admitted free.


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