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District Two board candidate says he wants to, “Keep kids in schools and off the streets!”

Cayce, SC (Paul Kirby) - Lexington County School District Two School Board of Trustees candidate Robin Milton is passionate about working with children. Most importantly, the father of six is an advocate for at risk youths in the community and within the school system.

Milton, who lives in the Cayce area of the district, is married to Tashima. There children are grown now but his passion for working with kids has not dimmed. He worked for Enterprise Rent a Car for 22 years as a department manager but eventually left to found a nonprofit organization called the Iye Care Community Center. His nonprofit solely focuses on working with and saving at risk youths.

For many young people who have found themselves put out of school and on the streets, Milton is often a mentor and positive male role model. “Many of the kids I work with have been given up on by their families and the schools,” Milton said in a recent interview. “They simply find themselves on our community’s streets with nothing to do. That can lead to trouble that may stay with them the rest of their lives.” He went on to say that working with and saving these kids is difficult, but he believes it can be done. “I see potential in every kid,” Milton said. “Some are just a bigger challenge than others.”

Milton stressed that he is an advocate for all kids. “I believe that every child deserves the same opportunities. Often, depending on the support that a kid receives in their personal lives at home, success comes easier for some than others. When it comes to at risk youths, it’s easy to give up on children that are not your own. I don't think that's fair,” Milton said.

When talking about why he decided to run for the school board Milton said, “Right now, I'm on the outside looking in. If I'm elected to serve on the school board, it would give me more of an opportunity and the insights I need to ensure that the issue of forgotten kids is addressed. As a member of the school board, I'd like to learn more about everything that the school district is currently doing. It seems to me the district is doing a good job with many of the students in our schools, but there is always room for improvement. I'm sure if we work together as a unified board, we can find ways to make things better for all students in this district.”

Robin Milton said that he would welcome people’s questions and encourages people to call him and talk with him about his candidacy and his work. “I like to talk to people face to face or if necessary, on the telephone.” He went on to say he doesn't do Facebook and likes a more personal approach to communicating. You can reach Milton by calling him at (803) 514-8146.


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