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UPDATE: Elgin centered earthquake shakes Lexington County early Monday morning

Lexington County, SC 05/09/2022 (Paul Kirby) – An earthquake that the US Government says was centered in Elgin, SC shook a large swath of Lexington County early Monday morning. This occurred around 1:30 a.m. and first reports indicate this was felt from Gilbert, through Lexington, and as far southeast as the towns of Springdale, South Congaree, Pine Ridge, and Gaston. The SCDNR webpage on geology says that the quake measured 3.29 on the Richter Scale and was 3.8 kilometers below the surface of the earth. The Elgin area of the state has been active with multiple earthquakes over the past year although most haven't been extremely damaging.

The first indication that the quake occurred came from law enforcement officers who were patrolling the county and its cities or towns. Many of them felt it and began talking about it on their radios. Almost immediately, citizens began to call Lexington County’s 911 Center to report the shaking. One caller felt as if someone were trying to gain entry into her home by force and requested the police.

No damage reports are available at this point.


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