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East Point Academy Students host Probability Carnival

West Columbia, SC (06/07/2021) - What are the chances? Wrapping up the 20/21 school year, 7th grade students at East Point Academy hosted a Probability Carnival. The project, created by teachers Jodi Collier and Aimee Lindstrom, required students to create a carnival game, figure out the probability of winning the game, and track the amount of wins compared to their predictions. Students and staff at East Point’s Middle Campus enjoyed attending the fair and learning the probability of winning before taking a chance.

East Point Academy’s rigor is rooted in projects that allow creativity and real life experience. “Statistics and probability is a fun, real-life 7th grade Math standard...students had a challenging year and we wanted to find a way to bring the probability standard to life” reflected Ms. Collier. 7th grade student Keiondra Alewine was all smiles while manning her game. She said “...the project was fun! I learned that the estimated percentages weren’t always right...This was a great final project.” Student Charlie Petroff was equally enthusiastic, adding “...[the project] also helped me learn how to present in front of others, and how to talk to people professionally.”

Enjoying the break from a regular school afternoon, students played a variety of carnival games including “Game of Throws,” “Rings of Chances,” and “Pop Pong.” “Our 7th graders had a great time coming up with their unique games,” said Ms. Lindstrom, “...and the 6th and 8th graders had a blast getting to play them (and the staff and teachers did too)!...Our goal with the probability carnival was to allow students an opportunity to apply what they were learning in a fun, yet useful, way...I look forward to hosting another probability carnival next year!”


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