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Former Lexington childcare worker sentenced to 16 years for abusing children at church based daycare

Lexington, SC 04/24/2023 (Paul Kirby) - Breanna Audette, a former daycare worker at a childcare center run by The Harvest Church in Lexington, was sentenced to 16 years in prison recently by Judge Debra McClasin. Judge McClasin called her actions a “complete disregard for humanity.”

Audette was charged by The Lexington Police Department with fourteen counts of Unlawful Conduct Towards a Child after an administrator of the facility notified police of Audette’s conduct. A total of 30 victims were eventually found to have been involved. The youngest child was just 10 months old and the oldest was 5 years old. Eventually, additional charges were added to the original indictment.

According to Lexington Police Chief Terrance Green, on the morning of July 12, 2021, an investigation began regarding Audette who at the time was an employee of the Harvest Daycare located on Whiteford Way in the town. Investigators said that Audette assaulted children who were in her care while at work. After watching security footage recorded within the daycare, detectives found that Audette, who was 23 at the time, had assaulted numerous children by grabbing them aggressively by the arm, neck, and face and in one incident, pushing a child to the ground. Audette was arrested 3 days after the investigation began.

Chief Green said at the time that Audette was charged, the administrators of the Harvest Daycare had cooperated throughout the investigation with both the South Carolina Department of Social Services and the Lexington Police Department.

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