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Former Shumpert's employee sentences to 48 months in penitentiary for embezzling from ATM firm

Pelion, SC 08/03/2022 (Paul Kirby) - Former Shumpert’s IGA employee Sam Jackson, Jr. has been sentenced in federal court to four years in the penitentiary for embezzling from an ATM company. Jackson had been with Shumpert’s since he was a teenager. Part of his responsibilities was managing the Little Giant ATM business owned by the Shumpert family.

Jackson was captured after he fled South Carolina with a woman that was not his wife. He later told detectives he had planned to lay low until the heat was off and they would then travel to Alaska where he was going to live with this woman the rest of his life off the grid. His plans were foiled when he was tracked down by law enforcement officers in western North Carolina.

This case was tried in the federal system because it involved ATMs and their operations. These are covered by the FBI just as banks are. The presiding judge gave Jackson several months to get his affairs in order before he is to turn himself in to begin serving his time.

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