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Guest Editorial: Ads are blatantly misleading

An Open Letter to Nikki Setzler and Ada Jane Setzler, Your radio ad that is airing right now claiming that your opponents are attacking your family is blatantly misleading. Throughout this campaign, as your political opponent, Nikki, I have gone to great lengths NOT to attack you or your family personally. Instead, I have remained focused on the issues that are important to the people of our district — issues such as the Heart Beat bill, the SCE&G Debacle, the Gas Tax Fiasco and the Failed School Policies that still have us near the bottom of the list nationally.  I’ve talked about how the people of this district — especially those not in your own backyard — have repeatedly told me they feel neglected and ignored. I’ve even talked about the fact that, as the senior senator in this state, you’ve not worked to get rural communities the local government funds they need to pay for emergency services... like EMS in Aiken.

Nikki, you’ve been offered numerous opportunities to defend your policies on several community and news platforms but you have declined — deciding instead to hunker down in the bunker and not face voters in an open debate. Now, you’ve gone to the airwaves and the mailbox to attack me and accuse me of things that simply are not true.  A “Caring Conservative” would have a compassion for constituents that would naturally draw you to come face-to-face with the people to share your thoughts and ideas and defend your 44 years of work. But as the leader of the Liberal Democrats in the Senate, you have a record that shows just how conservative you aren’t.  Paul Kirby is offering us one hour on the Lexington Ledger to actually debate the issues. I’m afraid that, yet again, you won’t take the offer.  Nikki, please prove me wrong.

Chris Smith

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