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GUEST EDITORIAL: Are our military leaders incompetent or simply derelict in duty?

Greer, SC 09/17/2021 (Lewis R.Vaughn) - Anyone who has served in the U. S. Military through basic training knows that weapons, ammo, and all military equipment if AT ALL POSSIBLE must not fall into enemy hands, period. That is military SOP (Standard Operations Procedure).

The military did not need approval of civilian leaders to either secure the war equipment in Afgahnista, or that being impossible, to destroy it. They had two weeks notice so they surely could have saved most of that equipment and destroyed that which could not be saved.

Was it an intentional decision not to save or destroy the military equipment? If so, no matter who made that decision, it should be considered an act of treason. In doing so, they knowingly provided our enemies, the Taliban, a recognized terrorist orgnization, with our latest weaponry technologies that can, and will be reverse engineered and used against us. They should charged, court marshaled, and if convicted, punished to the fullest extent of the law.

If it was unintentional, it was the oversight of the century by what must be the most inept Staff Officers the U. S. has ever spawned. Everyone found complicit in this colossal failure to act as military SOP dictates should be immediately relieved of all duties and denied all future benefits, including retirement pay.

Respectfully, Lewis R.Vaughn, SC Senator Ret.

EDITOR'S NOTE: As with all guest editorials, the above is the opinion of the author. The staff of The Lexington Ledger does ot express its opinion on the content of this Op-Ed. If you would like to send in a comment or response, please see the guidelines on the OPINION page of The Lexington Ledger.



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