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Guest Editorial: One Last Hill To Take; Remember our Korean War Veteran's

Dear Editor:

Greer, SC 04/13/2021 (Guest Author) - ONE LAST HILL TO TAKE! They’re just a bunch of old tired men, warrior heroes, every one of them. Averaging 89 years of age, most have physical disabilities. They have earned their right to a quiet relaxing retirement. But they have “ONE MORE HILL TO TAKE.”

No one ordered them to do this. They eagerly volunteered for this just as most of them volunteered to go to a place many had never heard of to fight a war to keep people free. They didn’t “hate those that were in front of them, they LOVED those that were behind them.”

America had 37,000+ KIA in Korea, 7,000+ POW’s (about 35% died while in prison) and more than 103,000 wounded. This war was waged under the most horrible conditions imaginable. Losing fingers, toes and even limbs due to frostbite was rampant. This war was known as “THE FORGOTTEN WAR.”

In October 2016, President Obama signed legislation permitting a WALL OF REMEMBRANCE to be erected at the site of the Korean War Memorial in Washington, D. C., however, they provided no funding for it. The Republic of Korea is paying for much of it. The Korea War Veterans must raise the money to engrave the names of those who died in the war or were POW’s.

When this was made known, the old warriors of Foothills Chapter #301 of the Korean War Veterans Association (KWVA) once more stepped up to the plate. They volunteered to raise the money for the 576 SC residents who were KIA or POW’s in the war, to have their names engraved on the WALL OF REMEMBRANCE. The goal established for SC was/is $200,000. Some scoffed saying; “That’s impossible.” But these old warriors responded, “Yes we can. This is just “ONE LAST HILL WE MUST TAKE BEFORE THE END OF OUR DAY.”

They have raised $160,000 to date. Covid has really restricted our movements severely, limiting our fund-raising capabilities. That’s where we need your help. The families of these men will forever be grateful for your kindness and generosity.

A tax-deductible donation of any amount would be appreciated. Would you please help them “TAKE THIS ONE LAST HILL.” These men MUST NOT BE FORGOTTEN, as was the war.

Please return the contribution form below with whatever amount you can afford and let's help these old warrior heroes “TAKE THIS ONE LAST HILL.” This will ensure the legacy of, not only those who paid the supreme price in the war, but also those who participated in it.

KMVA Memorial
Download PDF • 67KB

Thank you for your consideration.


Lewis Vaughn, SC Sen., Ret., Chairman

KWVA Fund-raising Committee


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