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GUEST EDITORIAL: The case for new boating regulations

Lake Murray, SC 01/10/2022 (Randall Smith) - As a physical conservative, I am skeptical about government. Too often, the people we elected forget why we elected them. The first purpose of our government is to guarantee the safety of its citizens. This is done in part by establishing laws and regulations to protect us and enforcing these laws. Our laws are not perfect by any means. However, our system of government, even with its shortcomings, is the best in the entire world.

Our laws change over time. Did you know that SECTION 53-1-40 of our state laws says. It is unlawful to work on Sunday. … “it shall be unlawful for any person to engage in worldly work, labor, business of his ordinary calling or the selling or offering to sell… excepting work of necessity or charity”. Understand that this is an extreme example, but nevertheless, it is still on the books. Another example is at one time in the past it was not against the law to smoke opioids. My point is this, as times change and what may have been not needed in the past may be needed today. At the same time, we need to be careful when enacting any new laws.

I hear some people say we don’t need any more laws. With that position, bath salts would still be legal. Others say we need more enforcement, not more government. I agree with the part that we do need more enforcement, but without the proper laws, our law enforcement offices are handicapped.

What these people are really saying is that they want to do whatever they wish and the rest of us should let them. Will the laws alone protect us? No, there are some people that will still ignore them, but if the punishment it severe enough that might just change.

If a new law is truly needed, and I do mean TRULY NEEDED, I can support it. If you feel as I do, then step up and do something or join the majority and do nothing. The choice is yours.

Randall Smith

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