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GUEST EDITORIAL: Where is the Accountability in Our Justice System?

Gilbert, SC 10/15/2022 (Randall Smith) - Our judicial system is in trouble and most people are unaware of what is taking place. You have all read about prosecutors letting criminals out of jail pushing no-bail reform and movements like defunding the police. But it does not stop there. For example, a NYC shoplifter who was arrested and released over 100 times finally got sent to jail for assaulting a police officer. As to Defund the Police movement, that really worked. However, another problem is brewing, one that gets little to no news coverage. That is lenient judges imposing light sentences for persons convicted of crimes. The system has changed from punishing criminals to excusing them. When the punishment is light, does it deter criminal acts? Explain to me why the crime rate nationally is increasing dramatically. the system originally was created to punish and deter others.

I recently sat in court and saw a person convicted of Boating Under the Influence, killing two people, sentenced to ten years in jail reduced to seven. With good behavior, they will get out in a little over 5 years. That’s only a little more than two and a half years for each life. This person could have been given twenty-five years for each death. How does a criminal that could go to jail for fifty years get seven years? Not to mention how the families must have felt. In South Carolina Circuit Court Judges are elected by the General Assembly. They serve six year terms. It is next to impossible to remove one. Editor’s Note: Mr. Smith, no stranger to the elected leaders of our state who work out of the SC Statehouse in Columbia. He says he will continue to work diligently to push for tougher minimum sentencing guidelines and laws that will make boating safer for everyone who chooses to enjoy South Carolina’s waterways. He has done this since his son was killed by an impaired boater in 1997. You can find, join or follow his Boating Safety South Carolina group on Facebook.

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