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Highway hazard abatement project began being installed at deadly Pelion area intersection Thursday

Pelion, SC 05/30/2024 (Paul Kirby) – The SC Department of Transportation and Lexington County began installing new, striping, signage, and other methods to improve the safety of the intersection of Fairview Road (US Hwy 178) and Bub Shumpert Road just north of the Town of Pelion, SC. This intersection has been the location of many deadly crashes over the years including one that happened about a week ago.


According to SC Senator Katrina Shealy, larger stop signs and stop ahead signs were installed today, Thursday, May 30, 2024. There were also large reflective stripes installed on the post of each of the signs for added awareness. New painted features indicating the need to stop will also be added to the asphalt road surface soon. These should also help in calling the drivers attention to the need to stop ahead. That portion of the project is being coordinated with the SCDOT and should be completed soon.

In the past, some have called for a complete traffic signal to be installed at that intersection. When that was proposed at a similar intersection near South Congaree several years ago, the SCDOT’s chief engineer explained that installing a traffic signal doesn’t often stop collisions. Instead, the new signal might alleviate some side impact crashes, but increase rear end crashes. The safest intersection is by far a roundabout, but there simply isn’t enough traffic on Bub Shumpert or D.E. Clark Roads to install one of these.


All of these are being done so that we can cut down on the serious and deadly crashes at that intersection. Other things that are being considered include a flashing light over the intersection that would blink yellow in the Fairview Road direction and red in the Bub Shumpert and D.E. Clark directions. Flashing red lights could also be added to the Stop Ahead signs on the two cross streets.


If you live in that area and use either Bub Shumpert Road or D.E. Clark Road, please make all the drivers in your household aware of the new safety systems on those roads. If you drive through the intersection on Fairview Road, always slow down when you approach this or any other intersection so that you are driving in a defensive manner. All of this can help you make it back to you loved ones each day.

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03 jun

So happy to see this, just hate it took more fatalities then it should have for someone to finally listen that something needed to be done!

Me gusta

01 jun

Okay you say the safest way to go is with a roundabout so let’s just do it! We are a STATE on

Prolife right? Every single life matters from embryo and beyond. So the hold up for this to be

DONE is NOT ENOUGH TRAFFIC ON THE ROADS! Sorry for my lack of understanding of this

  • I’m just trying my hardest to get through knowing that another person can be hurt or worse possibly killed by someone who gets to make the decision. Let alone be a victim of an accident if the lights go out in that area. And what is so,so, hard about a ROUNDABOUT that keeps you from getting it DONE! After all wasn’t some money found…

Me gusta

31 may

I honestly think the blinking lights are the way to go, especially around the stop sign 🛑

Me gusta

30 may

With the way the big trucks fly down 178, you slow you will get run over. WP Rawl truckers don't drive that fast in that area. But these other truckers act as it is a interstate on 178.

Me gusta
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