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Letter to the Editor: A new era for the Lexington County GOP

Lexington, SC 05/10/2023 (Pamela Godwin) - On Saturday, April 22, I was joined by a large, majority delegation of Real America First LCRP members at the biennial Lexington County Republican Convention to usher in a new day and a new direction in leadership for our county party. This was a long time coming and well-deserved after countless hours of volunteer work over the past couple of years. From networking with like-minded community members to being involved in patriotic parades, preparing/serving meals to local law enforcement and much more… The victory was well earned and so sweet. GOD paved the way for it all! It was past time for this positive change in LCRP.

Our SaveSC slate won overwhelmingly (3x the votes of opponents) for each countywide office, including Chairwoman, and won every place in our county’s 51 state delegate slots to the May 20 State Republican Party Convention. I was honored to be elected via acclamation, after my opponent, former State Rep. Todd Atwater was nominated and then withdrew on the convention floor.

Lexington County is allotted the 6th most delegates in the state of South Carolina to participate in the convention. The state convention will elect statewide leadership as well as pass resolutions and rules for our party. The state convention will take place at River Bluff High School at 11am.

Our message was clear and is clear moving forward: WE support the real conservative agenda of the Republican Platform, we will ensure that our Republican officials are living up to the platform, we will ensure that our nonpartisan elected officials reflect the platform, we will ensure that the South Carolina Republican Party reflects our platform, we will be open and forthright to everybody including media, we will reject all tyranny from any level of government, we will snuff out and address any corruption wherever it exists and we will insist on fair, honest elections!

The past couple of months have been a watershed moment in our county party and in many counties across the state. We are done with the games within the governmental level and within our party. The people of our county, our state and our country deserve better than to have back-room politics take us down in a direction that is unrecoverable.

As of this writing, the outgoing chairman of our county party has not transferred some of the controls, data and technology to the new leadership. That is over two weeks ago and long after an initial deadline was given. We would love to be able to invite every citizen of Lexington County to be informed and get involved, but that is being thwarted at the moment, as has been the case over the past couple of years.

There are plenty of ways every day Republican voters can be involved. I am sure that most of the people reading this letter have no idea about any of it. That is a communication problem and we are working hard everyday to improve that. Please join us in our SaveSC movement. Your community, state and country depend on it. We meet every first Monday at the Greater Lexington Chamber of Commerce at 6:30 pm.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Pamela Godwin

Chairwoman, Lexington County Republican Party

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