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Lexington County announces fire service promotions

Lexington, SC (Paul Kirby) – The County of Lexington announced Monday that four employees with the fire service had recently been promoted. They did so via their social media pages. 

According to the county, Delorme Arant and John Beasley were recently promoted to the position of engineer. In regard to firefighting, engineers drive, operate, and assist in the maintenance of fire trucks and other emergency equipment. They have to be familiar with the operation of various fire pumps and often use math skills to perform calculations like the rate of foam application on a flammable liquid fire or the amount of pressure that’s lost when water is pumped through a hose. They are also well versed in how to safely operate fire and other emergency equipment while responding to and returning from an emergency scene.   

Barry Brown was promoted to the rank of captain. Captains are supervisors that still fight fires on a daily basis. They are strategically assigned around the county to help the battalion chiefs oversee a number of stations. Beside their duties directing teams of firefighters on emergency scenes, captains assist with training, personnel management, and assist in or direct others in the maintenance of both stations and equipment. They also generate reports and records so that every aspect of their and the firefighters who are assigned to them days are well documented. 

Nathan Prouse was promoted to the position of assistant chief of the Training Division. The training staff not only prepares new recruits for their jobs protecting the citizens and guest of Lexington County, they also help maintain the training of all employees. These chiefs are generally certified as instructors through the SC Fire Academy and sometimes the National Fire Academy in Maryland. 

The administrative staff of the County of Lexington and the Lexington County Fire Service took a few moments on Monday, September 14, 2020 to congratulate these employees on earning these promotions. 


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