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Lexington County firefighters battling structure fire on Peele Court in Mack Edisto area of county

Mack Edisto, SC 04/22/2022 (Paul Kirby) – Lexington County firefighters from across the southern region are battling a working structure fire in the 200 block of Peele Court in the Mack Edisto area. The calls regarding the burning structure began coming into the Lexington County’s 911 Communications Center just before 1:15 p.m. on Friday, April 22, 2022.

First arriving firefighters found a structure that was well involved upon their arrival. Crews began setting up to fight the blaze as a senior member of the crew began to do a size up by circling the burning home. That firefighter immediately found that the power line had already burned away from the home and was on the ground. This was noted and other team members were notified so they could avoid the hazards of the downed line.

Peele Court is a long, straight dirt road that dead ends. Because that area has no fire hydrants, the first waterpoint designated was off Hwy. 3 in Orangeburg County. Crews had to set up a portable tank at the fire and use tanker trucks to shuttle water back and forth from the fill site to the burning home. Anyone that does not live in that general vicinity is urged to avoid the area as multiple pieces of fire equipment are moving to the scene or back and forth to the water fill site. If you are approached or overtaken by an emergency vehicle using its lights and siren, state law mandates that you pull off the road to the right and come to a complete stop until the vehicle has passed.

As of 2:00 p.m., firefighters had not ruled this blaze under control. Based upon radio traffic from the fire, the home had been burning for some time before it was called in and indications are it has been destroyed.


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