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Lexington County firefighters save home that caught fire Monday afternoon

Lexington, SC 05/16/2023 (Paul Kirby) – Lexington County firefighters saved a home from being destroyed by fire in a subdivision near Michelin Tire Monday afternoon. The fire was reported just before 4:45 p.m. in the 300 block of Montrose Drive which runs off Bonhomme Richard Road behind CMC’s Pull-A-Part and their associated metals recycling plant facility west of the town of Lexington.

When the first firefighters arrived, they reported that they had some smoke and flames showing from the ridgeline and other portions of the home. The first team entered the home on the offense and eventually located the attic’s access point. Once they located that, they entered the attic where they found smoke and some fire. They continued to investigate until they eventually located the seat of the fire which had run up the entire height of the home causing damage as it extended. Once the firefighters located and extinguished the fire, they placed the scene under control.

The next crews immediately went into salvage mode, covering valuables, furniture, and the other contents of the home near where the fire had been located with tarps. This work prevents further damage by what water had been used to put the fire out. They also used special equipment to remove residual smoke from the home. This type of work is not the most glamorous side of firefighting but can make a huge difference in how much total damage is done to a home during and after a fire.

Firefighters finished most of their operations and began to leave the scene within an hour of the fire being reported. A fire marshal was requested to help the crews determine the exact cause of the fire. That information has not been released at this point.


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