Lexington County’s Fire Chief Mark Davis bans outdoor general debris burning until further notice

Lexington, SC – 04/30/2021 (Paul Kirby) - Lexington County’s Fire Chief Mark Davis banned most outdoor general debris burning in Lexington County Friday morning. This coincided with the SC Forestry Commission issuing a multicounty Red Flag Fire Alert. This was done because of a forecasted cold front that is set to move through the area overnight bringing with it humidity levels as low as 25% and higher than normal wind conditions. This ban will stay in place until further notice.

In Lexington County, general debris burning is considered organic materials that a property owner my find has accumulated on their land. This would include leaves, pine straw, limbs, and any similar natural material. The burning of discarded construction material and manmade trash or household garbage is banned at all times in this county.

Lexington County does have a Burn Ordinance that has to be followed if any outdoor burning is to occur. In that ordinance, the materials that can be burned, where on a property outdoor burning can occur, and general rules for safely controlling any outdoor fires are carefully laid out. Violating of this ordinance can be cause for penalties that include fines and even if arrest if necessary.

The few exceptions during a general debris burning ban are also spelled out in the ordinance. Some of them are approved agricultural burns, fires for cooking, and fires for warmth. Anyone that starts a fire that gets out of control or leaves their property can be subject to civil and criminal penalties.

Each fire station in the county is displaying there no outdoor burning signs. When the weather conditions warrant, Chief Davis will lift the ban and that will be published on Lexington County’s social media platforms and in the local media.

READ the full Burn Ordinance Here

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