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Lexington County sheriff's investigators in the early stages of a shooting investigation

Swansea, SC (Paul Kirby) 11/18/20 - Investigators with the Lexington County Sheriff's Department are in the very early stages of an investigating into a shooting that took place in Swansea early Wednesday morning. The call for help came in about 2:40 a.m. and emergency responders were dispatched to 105 North Church Street in Swansea. Google Maps shows this is a business at the intersection of North Church and 1st Street.

Lexington County dispatched sheriff’s deputies, firefighters, and EMS crews to the scene. The medical first responders had to stand by until law enforcement arrived to ensure there was no danger present for them still on the scene. The incident location was reported secure at 2:46 a.m. and the first responder continued into the scene.

According to emergency personnel, a woman in her late 20s had been shot in the head. The medically trained personnel quickly treated the patient at that scene before transporting her by ambulance to a helicopter that had set down at Glenn Road and US Highway 321 S just east of Gaston. There, another crew from the fire service had already set up a safe landing zones for the helicopter that was requested early on. When the ambulance left Swansea, a firefighter was driving so the EMS personnel could focus on treating the patient. The helicopter crew took over once the ambulance arrived and the patient was flown to Prisma Health’s Palmetto Richland's Trauma Center. There is no further information available on the patient's condition.

This is a developing story. Investigators are in the very early stages and it is ongoing. We have requested more information and we will update you as soon as we receive that.


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