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Lexington Police Department hot on the trail of shoplifters every day

Lexington, SC 02/15/2022 (Paul Kirby) – Chief Terrance Green and the men and women of the Lexington Police Department take the crime of shoplifting very seriously. Each week, they work hard to stop these crimes so that they don’t grow into a larger problem.

In some law enforcement circles focusing on these smaller, often misdemeanor crimes, is called a “Cracked Glass Policy.” The thought behind this is that if you ignore a small crack in a pane of glass, sooner or later that crack will spread into something that’s larger and out of control. For that same reason, the Lexington Police work hard to catch shoplifters even if the values of the items they steal is minimal. The crooks may just be shoplifting now, but if ignored, that soon could morph into someone holding up a business at gunpoint.

In many cases, a detective’s best tools for fighting shoplifting crimes are the public’s eyes. The people of the area have helped the Lexington Police Department many times before. With your continued assistance, they can keep catching the crooks and making them pay for their crimes.

Here’s another perfect example. Police say the guy pictured below went into the Lowe’s on Sunset Boulevard and stole a chainsaw that was valued at $370. This took place on Tuesday, February 1, 2022. Once he was out of the store, officers say he got into a white Dodge Charger and drove away.

Do you recognize the man in the pictures? Please look closely because it’s very important. If you have any idea at all where he can be located or who he is, please contact Detective Payton at 803-358-7271 or via email at You could be the one who helps stop this cracked glass from getting worse!


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