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Lexington Police Department needs your help identifying a “cleaning freak”

Lexington, SC 01/03/2024 (Paul Kirby) - The Lexington Police Department is asking the public to help them locate a “cleaning freak” they believe stole 2 vacuum cleaners from the Lowes Home Improvement store located at 5412 Sunset Boulevard in Lexington. This instance of shoplifting occurred on November 25, 2023.

All kidding aside, the man in the photo probably will sell the vacuums instead of using them. You may see this guy at one of our local flea markets or trying to sell them on the internet. If a deal on a new, in the box vacuum seems too good to be true, it probably is. Don’t fall for it or you may get sucked into trouble too.


According to police, the shoplifter put the stolen vacuum cleaners into a beige sedan and drove out of the parking lot.


If you have information about this case, please contact Detective Corporal Voravudhi at 803-359-2067 or


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