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Lexington police officers find that recent traffic stop was anything but routine

Lexington, S.C. 03/29/2023 (Paul Kirby) - Officers with the Lexington Police Department have been taught like other law enforcement officers that there is never such a thing as a routine call. Whether it be a request to assist a stranded motorist, a family argument, or a traffic stop for something that appears to be minor, they never can let their guard down just in case there is more to the call than it originally appeared to be.

This was just the case when an officer from Lexington’s Bravo Shift was patrolling the town recently. It was late at night and the officer had noticed an equipment and license violations that made him wonder if the driver of the vehicle knew he even had a problem with his car. Once the driver stopped for the police cruiser, the officer noticed the driver was hunched over and holding something in his hand. That ended up being a loaded handgun in a stabilizing brace. Fortunately for all involved, the driver and passengers all complied with the officer's commands to raise their hands until backup arrived to assist the officer who had made the stop.

After a thorough investigation of the situation, the driver of the vehicle was arrested for Unlawful Carry of a Firearm, Improper Vehicle License Display, No Proof of Insurance, having a Defective Brake Light, Simple Possession of Marijuana, and Drug Paraphernalia.

The passenger who was riding in the front seat repeatedly lied about her name to officers. Eventually, she was also arrested for Providing False Information to law enforcement.

The passenger that was in the back seat was more cooperative. That individual was issued citations for Simple Possession of Marijuana and Drug Paraphernalia. He was given an escort to a safe place to wait for a ride.

In releasing this information, administrators with the Lexington Police Department noted that proactive traffic enforcement goes a long way in keeping the community safe. It is also a part of the LPDs ongoing strategic plan focused on lowering crime and increasing traffic safety throughout the Town of Lexington, SC.


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