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Lexington police officers need help finding burglary and vandalism suspects

Lexington, SC (Paul Kirby) - Officers with the Lexington Police Department are turning to the public for help hoping you can identify whoever broke into and vandalized the clubhouse of a local country club. They sure did a lot of senseless harm. By the time these criminals were finished with their mischief, they had done more than $15,000 worth of damage to several buildings and vehicles at the clubhouse. 

Police say that the suspects broke into the clubhouse of the Golden Hills Golf and Country Club on October 5th, 2020. They went into several of the buildings there and committed crimes while they were inside. In legal terms, this is burglary. Once inside the buildings, they took several golf carts for a spin before crashing them. They also stole the beverage cart, did donuts on some of the greens, and then damaged a John Deere Gator used by the maintenance crew. They may have thought that this was a harmless prank, but it wasn't! By the time they were finished having a good old time, they’d left the country club looking as if a tornado had come through. 

Police hope that you may have heard someone laughing or bragging about being involved in this. Maybe you saw someone or something that looked out of place near the country club on the night of October the 5th? It's probably a safe bet to say that alcohol or drugs may have also fueled their courage to do something this stupid. Do you own a home or business with outdoor cameras so that you can review the footage from that night? Maybe you own or work at a store nearby and remember a group of young people that come in to buy alcohol on the night of the 5th? 

If you have any idea at all who might have been involved, please contact Sergeant Cameron Mortenson with the Lexington Police Department. He can be reached at (803) 358-1504.

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