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Lexington police officers trying to locate wannabe James Bond??

Lexington, SC – 02/12/2021 (Paul Kirby) - The Lexington Police Department needs your help to identify a……..wannabe James Bond it would seem. This guy deployed a low-tech spy gadget during the commission of a crime in Lexington on February 9, 2021. Now the police are hoping you may be able to help them uncover this suspect’s true identity.

James Bond, the fictional secret agent of the British government also known as .007, always had some little spy gadget with him. Whether it was a bomb in his shoe, a hand grenade lighter, machine guns in the bumper of his car, or a can of secret spray that revealed the deadly laser beams, he always had those gadgets.

The person the Lexington Police Department is trying to locate vandalized several businesses, stole tools and furniture, and made off with items worth over $2,500. In serious .007 fashion, he used a can of “secret” spray to cover his tracks. His just wasn’t very high tech.

That night, the suspect sprayed regular paint on the lens of nearby surveillance cameras to block their view. He also used some disguise to change his appearance. Once the cameras view was obscured, he kicked in the door of a business on Bickley Road and wreaked havoc.

Of course, this isn’t funny. If someone will help catch this suspect by revealing his true identity, perhaps the judge will tack on some restitution money to his punishment for ruined or damaged security cameras that aren’t cheap.

Please look at the picture carefully. Then, if you have information about this case, please contact Detective Voravudhi at 803-358-1514.


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