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Lexington Two honors 2023-2024 inductees recognized at a May 6 ceremony

West Columbia, SC 05/10/2024 - The 2023-2024 inductees, recognized at a May 6 ceremony, are Tanner Addy, Addison Allen, Valeria Almeida-Cortez, Kirklyn Areheart, Hazia Bethea, Luke Boozer, Keagan Brazell, Kerrigan Buff, David Cade, Savannah Chappell, Cristal Cruz-Barela, Jacobi Cullum, Arya Desai, Sydney Edmond, Kaiya Goff, Zyon Hammond, Jacqueline Hernandez-Velez, Ava LaFollette, Braxton Lawson, Brenda Mendez, Victoria Morales Celis, Rayne-Marie Morris, Anthony Muller, Isabelle O’Neal, Brianna Padgett, Amber Perry, Elizabeth Pittman, Layne Powers, Kawaii Robinson, Kimberly Rojas-Mecinas, Elizabeth Sherrill, Jaylynn Spires, and Juan Velasco.

The National Technical Honor Society recognizes students for their achievements in career and technical education.  

CAPTION: Lexington Two’s newest members of the National Technical Honor Society.


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