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Libertarian Allen James Broadus running for House District 69

Lexington, SC 06/10/2024 – Allen James Broadus, a seasoned Risk Engineering Consultant, US Navy veteran, and passionate community organizer, announced recently his candidacy for the South Carolina House of Representatives, representing the people of SC House District 69. Running under the Libertarian Party banner, Broadus aims to champion the property rights, free speech, economic development, and second amendment rights of the constituents of SC House District 69.


House District 69 is currently held by incumbent Republican Chris Wooten. It includes much of the Town of Lexington, a portion of the Oak Grove community, and north of the Saluda River in the area commonly known as the St. Andrews.  (Map of SC House District 69)

Broadus brings a unique blend of professional expertise and community dedication to his campaign. A self-described history enthusiast, he frequently seeks out historical tours wherever he travels. This provides him with a deep appreciation for the past and an informed perspective on the future.


Brodus is a native of South Carolina and is deeply invested in ensuring the rights and liberties of all South Carolinians are defended and preserved for generations to come. As a US Navy veteran, Allen has learned that only through effective leadership can the constituents he intends to represent be adequately heard. His professional background as a Risk Engineering Consultant has honed his skills as a public speaker and enables him to be an active participant capable of providing proper representation for SC House District 69.


According to Broadus, he is running for office to address critical issues that he believes are not adequately represented by the current political establishment. His campaign is built around four core issues: property rights, free speech, economic development, and defending your second amendment rights.

Broadus is a staunch advocate for safeguarding private property rights and preventing eminent domain abuse. "At no point should private property be assumed by the government to be turned over to private developers," Allen stated. "I am in favor of severely restricting the governmental use of eminent domain to protect the rights of property owners."


Broadus also champions free speech, opposing censorship and supporting platforms for diverse perspectives. "The collective voices of SC House District 69 are not being actively represented," he said. "As someone not beholden to the whims of the political machines of the two major parties, a vote for me is a vote for all the voices within the District being heard."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     According to Broadus, the state should stop giving an unfair advantage to out-of-state businesses. Chris Wooten voted to use $1.3 billion in taxpayer money to give Scout Motors an unfair advantage over thousands of small businesses in South Carolina.  “I have nothing against large businesses coming to South Carolina, but they need to do it on a fair playing field with thousands of homegrown small businesses that employ millions of South Carolinians,” Broadus stated. “I’ll never vote to give an unfair advantage to out of state businesses. Let’s make South Carolina business friendly for everyone.”


“Everyone should be able to defend themselves,” Broadus said. Chris Wooten voted to weaken constitutional carry six times! “I’ll never vote to weaken your right to keep and bear arms.”, Broadus stated.


The upcoming election presents a critical choice for voters in SC House District 69. Broadus says he is offering a fresh, independent and constitutionally minded perspective. One that is distinct from his opponent, Chris Wooten, a Republican whose voting record does not match his self-declared values. Allen's campaign emphasizes a limited government answerable to its constituency, economic opportunity, and the protection of individual rights.


"This election is about more than just choosing a representative; it's about choosing a vision for our future, “Allen stated. "I am committed to listening to all constituents and ensuring that their voices are heard in the State House."


As the election approaches, Allen Broadus invites all residents of SC House District 69 to join him in his mission to create a more liberty oriented, prosperous, and free community.


For more information about his campaign, please visit his official website or contact his campaign office. The website can be found at You can also communicate with Allen Broadus directly through his email at


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