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Mid Carolina Electric Co-Operative makes it easier than ever to report power outages

Round Hill, SC 07/12/2021 (Paul Kirby) – In the height of summer’s storm season, we often see tree limbs and other debris fall across powerlines due to high winds and rains. This usually causes the electricity to go off bringing much of our daily lives to a dead stop. As much as American’s rely on electronics today, this can be frightening and raise anxiety and sometime even tempers. When outages happen, it’s comforting to know that customers of Mid Carolina Electrical Cooperative can now quickly and easily report being without power with as little hassle as possible.

Now, MCEC customers can skip the phone queue altogether. That’s correct, you don’t have to wait to speak to an operator at all. Just enroll your phone numbers in their automatic system, and you’ll be a quick text away from reporting an outage if necessary.

All you have to do is text MCEC to 85700 right now. They’ll automatically registered your address to your phone. Then, if an outage occurs, simply text the word “out” to 85700. This will add your address to the outage list. Then, line crews will know they need to respond to your home or office to restore the power as quickly as possible.

Remember to register now before you are sitting in the dark. Also, save 85700 to you contacts under something that’s easy to remember like POWER OUT. Preparing now can help you avoid that frustration and anxiety when the storms hit, and things go dark later on.


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