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New Lexington medical & testing center a one stop shop for health care needs

Lexington, SC (Paul Kirby) - A new medical practice has opened in Lexington and its staff is working to be your one stop shop for most health care needs. The Regional Medical and Testing Center opened last spring at 5609 Sunset Boulevard, Suite F in Lexington. This is adjacent to Herndon Chevrolet in a strip building that also houses the Vacuum Center.

Tom Rouse, the owner and CEO of the Regional Medical and Testing Center, has a career history in banking. He did not have a background in the medical profession. As he began to approach the age of retirement, he started looking for a business opportunity that would allow him to put his business, sales, and customer service skills to use. At about the same time he was helping his aging father navigate the health care system. As he dealt with multiple medical practices, he realized that many of them were not operating in a manner anyone would consider a consumer-friendly way. After some reflection and study Rouse decided to start The Regional Medical and Testing Center.

One of the things that Rouse wanted to alleviate with the Regional Medical and Testing Facility was the need to visit so many different offices for different appointments all related to the same issue. Whether you had to visit one office for blood work, another to see your general practitioner, another for weight loss help, and still another for an affordable DOT physical, Rouse felt it would be better for the consumer if more services could better be provided under one roof. From his own desire to make health care services more streamlined the Regional Medical and Testing Facility was born.

The Regional Medical and Testing Center was founded in Florence and already has practices open in Myrtle Beach and the Hartsville areas of South Carolina. Each one can tailor their services to the needs of the surrounding community. When the one that opened in Lexington last spring moved into town, they knew they wanted to provide a multitude of service customized for that community too.

The space that The Regional Medical and Testing Center occupies was a Tanning Parlor previously. Because there is a direct correlation between depression and Vitamin D deficiency, a vitamin found in sunlight, the staff decided to leave the tanning equipment when they opened the medical office. Now, the tanning equipment is used for aesthetics or to treat depression and psoriasis with healing ultraviolet rays. Of course, if UV lights don't work for you there are doctors available to consult with you and prescribed medication if needed.

In order to look your best, you can have medically supervised weight loss treatments or Botox injections to remove frown lines, creases, and wrinkles at the Regional Medical and Testing Center. They even have a licensed esthetician on their staff that will help you take the very best care of your skin.

If you need to complete a non-judgmental mandatory drug test for an employer or a government agency, the staff of The Regional Medical and Testing Facility can do that. Still other employees may be administering DOT physicals while others are interviewing patience that are scheduled to have a home sleep study done. In the cases of these studies you no longer must go into a sleep center to complete them. Now, there is a monitor that connects to your forehead with leads or even one that straps around your waist. Once you have completed the sleep study you returned equipment to The Regional Medical and Testing Center and data is sent to a specialist to interpret. “If the doctor says a home study is right for you, we find that patients sleep better, are more relaxed, and the doctors get a truer record of your sleep pattern when you are in the comfort of their own bed,” CEO Tom Rouse said.

If you simply have a sore throat, an earache, or a sore elbow you can also see a primary care physician or nurse practitioner while at the Regional Medical and Testing Center. They will even file your insurance for you. If you are self-pay patient, a simple office visit with a health care professional is just $59.00.

The one thing that you immediately find different at the Regional Medical and Testing center is their attitude. When you walk in, they treat you like family from the moment you meet. They only hire medical professionals who will take the time to explain a health issues or treatments to you. “Because I come from a business background, I know that the consumer holds the power to choose who serves them,” Rouse said recently. “Many people simply don’t realize they have a choice when they are shopping for health care services. We treat every patient as a part of our family, the way that we want to be treated here when a need arises. We understand we have to do a better job in order to have people come back again and again,” Rouse said.

Part of the way that the Regional Medical and Testing Facility let's people know they are in a community is by being active in that community. They want to be a member of the chamber, have staff members that sit next to you in church, or see you and wave or shake your hand at the store or during lunch. “We have a responsibility as a business to pay into the community that helps to support us,” Rouse said. Part of that means being involved with veterans’ groups, youth sports leagues, senior citizens initiatives, and in other ways.” He went on to say that because Lexington has so many busy urban professionals coming and going every day, the Lexington office is even exploring extended hours that could be as broad as 8:00 a.m. till 8:00 p.m. and may even open on Saturdays. “We need to provide services at a time that's convenient for our patients even if it's not necessarily convenient for us,” Rouse concluded.

Whether you are looking for a health care provider or need services that your current primary care physician just doesn't offer, they hope you will consider stopping at the Regional Medical and Testing Facility today. While you're there say hello to Tom Rouse the owner, Jennifer McCullough, DOO, Kelly Polatty, office manager, Christy Vanco, director of finances, Margaret Parker, nurse practitioner, Dr. Thomas Seastrunk, medical director, or Emily Barozzini, esthetician. They would just like to meet their new neighbors and let them have a look around their new space soon.


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