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Porch Pirates strike again; This time in the town of Lexington

Lexington, SC (Diana Nation) - As the Christmas holiday gets closer and closer, thieves become more and more brazen. This time porch pirates have struck in the Town of Lexington and their Police Department is asking for your help to identify the Grinch who stole what may be Christmas gifts from a family's front porch.

On December 3, 2020, a silver Chevrolet sedan slowly drives around a cul-de-sac in a neighborhood in the Town of Lexington. Once the thieves spy what they're looking for they pull up and stop. A white male exits the passenger side of the vehicle, and casually saunters up to the front porch. It's like he's out for a Sunday afternoon stroll. With his hands in his pockets, he doesn't appear to be in any sort of a hurry at all. However, once he reaches the front porch and retrieves his ill-gotten booty, he proceeds to run back to the vehicle as it awaits his return with his treasures.

This time the Grinch appears to be dressed in a Gray hoodie, black tennis shoes, a black ball cap, and blue jeans. It does appear that he may have a face mask on to keep himself safe from the virus. Although, it is a little hard to tell from this video if He is indeed wearing a face covering. What is easy to tell from this video is that he is stealing from this family.

The Town of Lexington Police Department is asking the public if they have any idea of the identity of this Grinch, or of who the vehicle may belong to or who may have been driving it that they would please contact Detective Voravudhi at 803-358-1514. The town of Lexington Police Department would love to see the size of this Grinch’s heart grow three sizes over the next few days as he spends some time in jail.


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