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Shed fire brings firefighters rushing to Red Bank Friday morning

Red Bank, SC – 04/03/2021 (Paul Kirby) – A shed burned to the ground in the Stump Road area of Red Bank off South Lake Drive Friday. Before any county firefighters could arrive, the shed was fully involved in flames.

The fire, reported around 10:30 a.m., could be seen for miles as a column of dark black smoke rose from it. A Lexington County deputy coroner saw the smoke as he was driving in that portion of the county and switched his radio's frequency over to the fire service’s channel to inform the incoming units of what he was seeing. He followed the smoke to the address that the fire dispatcher was giving and arrived to find the shed was quickly being consumed by the flames. Fire trucks began to pull in shortly after his arrival.

Fire crews advanced their hose lines and attacked the flames. They also used water to protect another structure that was nearby. Within a very short time, they had the fire under control.

Lexington County has not said what they believe started the fire. The shed was completely destroyed as a result of the blaze.


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