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South Congaree PD tips to keep your children & home safe with prior planning before traveling

South Congaree, SC 06/09/2023 (Capt. Chris Garner) - Preparation goes a long way towards a safe and fun family vacation. Here are some important safety tips to go over with your children before you get you started on those plans.

1. Make sure you know where your children are always with you, and that they are properly supervised if you aren't with them while on the trip.

2. Teach your children to check with you or with the adult in charge before they go anywhere, get into a car, or accept anything from anyone.

3. Have your children carry or wear emergency information that tells how to reach you. Include cell numbers, hotel name & phone number, home phone number, emergency contact, important medical information, and anything else you think is important.

4. Talk to your children about what being lost means, and what to do if they become lost. Have a plan and go over it before your trip.

5. Dress kids in bright colors to make them easier to spot. If you are a large group, wear matching T-shirts to help identify your group.

6. Take a photo of each child each day to show exactly what they are wearing if needed for a search.

7. Don't leave your children alone in a motel room and always keep your motel room locked when inside.

8. Should you realize your child is LOST, DO Not look for them alone. IMMEDIATELY call Law Enforcement.

9. Consider a child locator or tracking device.

10.Consider giving your elementary age children a cell phone(tracking) while you are in a crowd as a just-in-case backup.

11.Teach your children to never be afraid to say NO! and GET AWAY from any person or situation that causes them to be scared, uncomfortable, or confused.

12.Parents of missing children need to cooperate and be forthcoming with information initially and throughout. Law enforcement's approach is standard and changes as the investigation progresses. The first few minutes and hours are crucial to a successful outcome.

13.In regard to your home, never post photos from your trip while you are gone. Facebook pages usually have your home address and these photos let everyone know you aren’t home, a sure invitation to burglars.

Again, do all this before you go and your children and home will be safe while you are gone.


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