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StretchLab opening new location in Lexington Square Shopping Center

Lexington, SC 06/05/2024 - StretchLab, an assisted stretch concept that aims to address tightness and imbalances in the body by creating a customized stretching routine for its clients, will open a new location in the Lexington Square shopping center anchored by Lowes Foods at 5232 Sunset Blvd., Suite A in Lexington. The new studio, regarded as StretchLab Lake Murray, will celebrate its opening June 13-15 offering one-on-one assisted stretching.


Husband-and-wife franchise owners Steve and Stacey Hitzemann have opened five StretchLabs since their start in 2019 and plan to open four additional studios in the next two years. The Hitzemann’s other StretchLab locations include Forest Acres in Columbia and Huntersville, Dilworth, SouthPark and Fort Mill in the Charlotte market.


“Stretching caters to everyone, regardless of age, that wants to move freely.  As we age, there’s no doubt stiffness and reduced mobility creep in and so StretchLab is a fantastic routine to continue living an active lifestyle. From the active golfer or tennis player, folks recovering from injury, or those experiencing stiffness from sitting in the car or working at a desk,” said Steve Hitzemann. “We are thrilled to expand StretchLab’s top-tier services to Lexington. Our clients can expect a fully customized routine catered to their mobility and flexibility goals that will leave them feeling reenergized.”

To celebrate the new studio, StretchLab Lake Murray is offering new member specials and discounted membership prices for life for anyone who joins by June 15. These discounts are on average 15% less than regular membership prices. StretchLab is also offering free 15-minute stretches at the new studio now through opening weekend, clients can reserve a spot here call the studio at 803-632-0108.


Founded in 2015, StretchLab's mission is to provide the highest quality assisted stretching services, helping clients of all types reclaim freedom through increased range of motion and flexibility. Upon hiring, applicants are required to have a background in anatomical studies, with many being Exercise Science and Kinesiology graduates. StretchLab's proprietary Flexologist™ Training Program is at the core, requiring all new Flexologist hires to complete 60-70+ hours of comprehensive training - a blended curriculum covering the muscular system, assisted stretching techniques for various clients, and hands-on instruction. During one-on-one sessions, Flexologists utilize the Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) method to maximize client's range of motion. StretchLab's hiring requirements and rigorous training program ensure Flexologists are well-prepared for careers in assisted stretching, upholding exceptional service standards.


StretchLab offers one-on-one assisted stretches with options of a 25-minute targeted stretch or a 50-minute whole body stretch.  The 25-minute stretch concentrates on major muscle groups in one area to help alleviate muscle tightness from daily office work or intense workouts. The 50-minute stretch, which is an ideal comprehensive, whole body option, helps those struggling from tight muscles and aching or stiff joints and athletes who would like to improve sport performance.


For additional information or to book a stretch, visit


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