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Structure destroyed by fire near Mack Edisto Thursday afternoon

Mack Edisto, SC 11/12/2021 (Paul Kirby) – A fire destroyed a structure in the 300 block of Peele Court off Whetstone Road in the Mack Edisto area of Lexington County Thursday afternoon. According to Lexington County’s Public Information Officer Jessica Imbimbo, the fire was reported at approximately 5:00 p.m. on November 11, 2021.

When the first Lexington County firefighters and equipment arrived, they had difficulty accessing the burning home because of its long, unimproved drive. They had to pull large, long hose down the drive by hand and then adapt these down to smaller handlines to fight the fire. By the time the crews were set up and began putting water on the fire, the structure was well involved in flames.

Another challenge the firefighters faced was a lack of a fire hydrant in proximity to the home. Without a hydrant that can provide a steady, trustworthy fire flow, tanker trucks must be used to carry in water. This robs the fire ground of personnel that could join the firefighting efforts. Once the rural water supply system was in place, crews who had been on the defense were able to knock the fire down and switch to an offensive fire attack. That is when the fire commanders reported that they were bringing the fire under control.

Despite the efforts of the county firefighters, the structure was totally destroyed by the blaze. Lexington County has not released the cause of the fire or said if anyone was living in the structure and displaced by the blaze. No serious injuries have been reported.


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