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Town of Chapin chief of police retires after 25 years of service

Chapin, SC 11/18/2021 (Paul Kirby) - The Town of Chapin announced Thursday that their beloved Police Chief, Seth Zeigler, has decided to retire at the end of this month. After 25 dedicated years of faithful law enforcement service, his retirement will be effective on November 19.

“Chief Ziegler is a respected officer and tremendous leader”, said Mayor David Knight. “I have relied on his sound advice and counsel throughout my tenure as Mayor. Seth has been an esteemed colleague at Town Hall and a shining example of leadership in our community,” Mayor Knight added.

Chief Zeigler was raised in the Chapin community. Prior to coming to work at the Chapin Police Department, he spent many years at the City of West Columbia Police Department. Ironically, Seth was the second Chief Zeigler to guide a Public Safety Department in Chapin. His father Bill Zeigler retired from Lexington County's Fire Service as the chief of the Chapin Fire Station many years ago. Chief Bill Zeigler and his wife still live in Southwood Village in Chapin today.

Upon Seth’s retirement, Thomas Griffin will assume the role of the Town of Chapin chief of police. With the recommendation and endorsement of his predecessor, Thomas will lead the police department into the next administration.

In a statement they released Thursday, a spokesperson for the Town of Chapin said they are happy to see Chief Seth Zeigler embark on his new phase of life after many years of service, but it goes without saying his retirement will be felt by the entire Chapin community.

A retirement drop in will be held in Seth’s honor on Friday, November 19, in the Chapin Town Hall Community Room from 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm. All are invited to share in this celebration. The Town of Chapin anticipates that a majority of council will join us for the drop in, however this will not be a council meeting, and no business of the council would be discussed or acted upon.


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