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USA Bass asks bass boat owners to become part of historic event!

Lake Murray, SC 08/24/2022 - The 2022 XVI Black Bass World Championship has become a historic celebration of bass fishing. Nations from across the globe will compete for bronze, silver and gold medals on Lake Murray in Columbia, SC. This includes anglers from North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. The event has drawn so much interest that USA Bass is asking for volunteers to participate in this “Once in a Lifetime Opportunity”. Become part of the USA Bass program and the official bass world championship! You can assist the effort to make bass fishing an Olympic sport!

The tour is in need volunteer Boat Captains with boats to work with an international team for five (5) days on Lake Murray. You will be driving your boat with two (2) anglers from take-off to check-in each day. We also need Boat Marshals to ride along with a nation that brings their own boat, for the 3 competition days only.

What are the volunteer days for Boat Captains & Marshals at the 2022 XVI World Black Bass Championship?

10/18/2022 & 10/19/2022

Tuesday & Wednesday - official practice days

Boat Captains


Thursday - competition day one

Boat Captains/Boat Marshals


Friday - competition day two

Boat Captains/Boat Marshals


Saturday - competition day three

Boat Captains/Boat Marshals

Meeting Location for Boat Captains & Boat Marshals:

Dreher Island State Park – Lake Murray, SC

7:00 AM Daily – Have boat in water at main Ramp to meet buses offloading competitors. Staff will be assisting.

Boat Captains and Marshals receive official USA Bass Team hat

Be a part of this historic fishing event USA Bass Coach


What is a Boat Captain?

A driver of his own boat, assigned to the same two anglers for five

consecutive days of the World Championship, taking them safely to

their requested fishing locations on Lake Murray.

What we provide - Boat Captain Package:

• For five days of volunteering, you get a $500 check.

• Check will be picked up at the event tent on Dreher Island

on Saturday (after weigh-in).

• You will be reimbursed for boat gas used when you turn in

your receipts at the end of the event or mail your receipts

in provided envelope to be paid when sent into USAngling.

• Daily lunches and Ice for boat.

• USA Bass Team official hat included.

Boat Captain requirements:

• Bass boat (minimum 18’) with 150hp - 250hp

• Operating electric trolling motor on bow

• Working live well

• Marine electronics on dash and bow

• Landing net

• Three life jackets for you and your anglers to wear

• Fully charged boat batteries each day

• A current boater’s liability insurance policy

What you do on the boat as Boat Captain:

• Drive anglers to locations they want to fish

• Ensure boats stay a minimum of 50m (55 yards) apart when fishing

• Ensure all fish are netted

• Ensure no fish is intentionally snagged

• Do not help competitors with fishing information

What is a Boat Marshal?

Boat Marshals are assigned to a nation and ride in their team boat to ensure rules

are followed. When a nation provides their own boat, we must provide a Boat

Marshal to join them. This is a volunteer position, no pay. Nations needing Boat

Marshals: USA, South Africa, Canada, Mexico, and maybe others. Boat Marshal

assignments will be at discretion of organizer. Event official hat and daily lunch are included.

What you do on the boat as Boat Marshal:

• Ensure boats stay a minimum of 50m (55 yards) apart when fishing

• Ensure all fish are netted

• Ensure no fish is intentionally snagged

• Do not help competitors with fishing information

Come be part of the 2022 XVI Black Bass World Championship! Contact John Knight with any questions. Call: 970-376-5703 or Email: or see the website at


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