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Utilizing Psychological Horror to Explore Mental Health Issues

Lexington Author’s Debut Novel Tackles Grief

Lexington, SC 09/27/2023 - A Voracious Grief transports readers to a gothic Victorian manor where overprotective aristocrat Ambrose Bancroft is trying to ensure his increasingly unstable sister, Mattie, doesn’t go mad with grief. They’re both drawn into another realm through the mysterious power of a vanishing room; but when Ambrose discovers the room is actually possessed by a demon, he must grapple with his failure to care for his sister’s feelings before she’s lost to him forever.

Lindsey Lamh is a local author releasing her first novel. Writing A Voracious Grief while processing her own grief and navigating depression was a cathartic experience.

The story of the Bancroft siblings explores themes of the purpose of suffering, hope in the midst of grief, how friendship can save lives, what it feels like to be ostracized by society because death is a taboo topic. Ambrose and Mattie Bancroft not only grieve the loss of their parents and younger brother, they also deal with the trauma of having a manipulative grandfather. Lindsey wrote this story to offer an empathetic narrative for survivors of depression and other mental health issues.

A Voracious Grief releases on October 1st, 2023 and is available in paperback on Amazon and ebook on Smashwords, Kobo, and Apple Books.


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