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Walmart on South Lake Drive closed Sunday afternoon due to bomb threat

Red Bank, SC 10/25/2021 (Paul Kirby) – The Walmart on South Lake Drive in the Red Bank area of the county was closed Sunday afternoon after someone called in a threat that there was a bomb placed in the store. At around 1:40 a.m. Sunday, a customer that was in the store said that a voice came over the store’s public address system advising everyone including the store’s employees to please leave their carts and selected items behind and immediately exit the store to the parking lot.

As people filed out, the shopper who spoke with The Ledger said that a steady stream of law enforcement officers began pouring into the parking lot and started closing all the roads leading into the entire shopping plaza. Some people had to be instructed to get into their vehicles and leave as deputies told them that the store would be closed for some time as a thorough search began.

Bomb technicians and deputies cleared the building later in the evening and the store was reopened after an all clear was given. The Lexington County Sheriff’s Department has not said if anything was found. Their investigation into this crime continues.


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