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What is the politics of the $2,000 checks? Here’s an easy example

Pelion, SC (Paul Kirby) - My oldest daughter has called me over the last week a lot because she like many of us need those $2,000 stimulus checks. This is the first time she has ever tried to follow the process before and she like many others just reads the headlines or a few lines of a news story and then calls dad to say, “so we aren’t going to get the bigger checks, right?” Then I have to explain it’s all a high stakes game of tennis between the house and senate with the president, the high-strung coach, yelling his strategy to win from the sidelines. Of course, she wants the Democrats to win this one, she thinks…. but isn’t sure, because, they want to give us all $2,000 each and lots of us need that MONEY! Here’s how I explained it to her and NO, it isn’t a done deal yet! Mitch McConnell is playing hard ball like Nancy and simply saying that ‘there’s no way that will happen’ as a way of getting people upset about what is going on so that they now call the Democrats of the house to say, “Hey he’s offering a bill with just three things that will give us that money. How about you guys passing that FAST so I can get my CHECK!”

Here’s the core issue in a way most families can understand. I am not saying who’s right or wrong and I am not saying it is over yet. I think January 3rd is the day the senate must stop and adjourn by law.

Imagine Susan calls me while I am tied up. I’m in the hospital, out of town on business, in jail…..it’s really not important why. Susan says her car started making a loud clunking noise and then just cut off! Smoke was coming out from under the hood! What should I do? Paul says she should tow it to Bobby or Keith, whichever has the time to fix it fast, and see what they say. An hour later the call comes from her saying the motor is gone and has to be replaced. Bottom line is that fixing it would cost $3,500 we don’t have that right now. I tell her a new car isn’t in the cards at this point so go see our banker and borrow the $3,500 to get it done. At this point she says she will not go get $5,000 and not a penny less. She wants a new living room suite to replace the old stuff that’s been showing its age. “No dear,” Paul says, “we only need $3,500 so don’t get $5,000 for something we need and something we just want because we eventually have to pay that back.” Alright guys you know at this point she doesn’t just acquiesce and say, “Okay, I will go borrow the $3,500 like you said.” If you think it’s that easy and this issue is done either wake up or get married. Try to get past this. It’s not ever THAT easy! What does Paul say? You should already know this one. “No dear, we just need $3,500 so only borrow that.” This is a big “difference” at our house of $1,500 and an intense discussion ensues. Eventually, we reach a stalemate where she says she’s there, I am not, and she’s only going to borrow $5,000 or nothing at all. Paul is saying just get what we absolutely need or don’t get a penny and enjoy the long walks. Remember, this is an example and Paul and Susan are not and have not faced this one in real life….. yet! We are at a standoff. That’s what is happening in Washington DC right now. The senate, Paul, and the house of representatives, Susan, are at a standoff. Neither will compromise. The house Democrats are saying let’s borrow hundreds of billions of dollars more than we need because we want these things and the Republicans in the senate are saying no dear, we are only borrowing what we have to have.

Remember on this one, it’s not just two people. Mitch and Nancy are counting votes on each side and they know what their people in each chamber will do and what they will not. A bill has to have the majority of the votes to pass. The only big difference between us at home and the house and senate is the difference between the two sums being debated. This is a $430 billion dollar difference and not the $1,500 that Paul and Susan are disagreeing on.

So, who’s right and who’s wrong? You make up your own mind but be realistic. Don’t let your desire or need for the $2,000 let you oversimplify this process. There are 535 elected members of the house and senate combined and you have to be able to get something like 238 of them to all say yes at the same time to get anything done. That is not an easy task!

What do we do and how do we move forward? I have no idea. Someone or both needs to bend a little and do whatever is right for the hurting working people. Eventually, someone is going to have to say something like, “Hey guys, this doesn’t taste good but we need to swallow this nasty stuff and move on for the sake of Paul and Susan or their daughter in Pelion, SC. They really NEED some help right now.” Remember Abby was out of work when this all started because of child care and such. She isn’t working right now because her office is closed. So many employees have the COVID-19 there! Abby NEEDS a new roof, it’s leaking, and a new heating and air system. Her current system has had it. They are using window units for both of those necessary things.

Where do you stand? Someone needs to compromise, that’s obvious. What would you do?

Good luck. I hope this helps you understand the issue better. I am still recovering at home so please don’t call and ask me. Abby is doing that enough for everyone. Please respect each other’s opinion.

Good luck and God bless you as you and the family debate this one. Try bringing the whole crowd into the discussion. It’s not just two people in Washington DC. It’s not just that easy.

Love you guys,

Paul Kirby

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