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Will Boater Education Bill Pass the State House this year?

Gilbert, SC 02/24/2022 - Thank you for showing you care. Our group’s primary focus is making our waterways safer for everyone. We are doing this to honor our son. Drew was killed by a drunk boater in 1997. He had just turned eleven.

If you agree with what we are doing, you can help us tremendously, but I would prefer that you first read the Bill. I am not asking for you to support this blindly.

This will take less than 5 minutes of your time. One other thing. We are not asking for money. We don’t do that. We are only asking for your support.

Simply put, if passed into law this Bill will save lives. By supporting us you are also honoring our son Drew. Time is running out so please complete this as soon as you can. We will be forever grateful to you.

The bill is S.96 Boater Education and unless the committee holds a public hearing on the Bill it will die in committee. That is what happened last year. Would you please send ONE email to the Committee and request a hearing for the Bill. I tried to make it easier for you by writing a message below as a guide or simply copy it.

PHOTO CAPTION: Drew Smith, 11, was killed by a boater who was under the influence more than 2 decades ago


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