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Angelica Iglesias

Angelica Iglesias started off as head intern for The Ledger during the summer of 2017. She did everything from covering stories to co-hosting and helping produce the morning show.


Today, she is assistant editor and works part-time writing stories and in advertising. 


Angelica is from Orangeburg and graduated from Orangeburg Prep. She now attends the University of South Carolina studying broadcast journalism. She played travel soccer and has worked in Lexington County before, so is familiar with the area. 


Her family is originally from New Jersey. Her father is a pipeline safety inspector for South Carolina and her mother is a stay-at-home wife. 


Angelica has been watching and reading the news since she was 14, so when it came time to choose a major, journalism seemed like a perfect fit. She believes that news should be objective; she wants to give the public facts and let them decide their opinions.


Our hope is that you will enjoy Angelica’s work and find it informative and interesting. If you have something that you would like Angelica to consider covering or comments about her articles, e-mail her at

Connor Radke

Connor Radtke is an intern writer for The Lexington Ledger. He is currently a Pre-Law student at The University of South Carolina pursuing a degree in Public Relations with a minor in Business Administration.


Connor will be writing stories from all over the county this summer and in the future. He is a Chapin High School graduate and he has been a Lexington county resident since December ’04.


Connor’s family is all involved within the county; his mother is a 4th grade teacher at Ballentine Elementary, his sister is a senior at Chapin High School, and his father, before starting his company was working out at the nuclear plant.


Connor believes integrity and honesty are the biggest things in writing and is going to do everything he can do make sure his stories read true. He has always had a deep love for writing and has a dream of one day publishing a book.


Connor will be a great addition to the team at The Lexington Ledger and we look forward to seeing what you guys think of his work. If you have something that you think would be a good idea for Connor to work on, or you have any comments/concerns about his articles, email him at

James Bowers

James Bowers has been retained as a writer for the Lexington Ledger. He will be covering stories about the things going on in our county like high school sports, town council, government and community meetings, and even hundredth birthday celebrations.


Although you may see stories from James from all parts of the county, he will primarily focus on the areas that lay to the north side of Lake Murray. This is an area James knows very well.


James is a graduate of Irmo High School and is attending Midlands Technical College. He is a lifelong resident of Lexington County and has always called the Irmo area his home.


His family has always enjoyed, and believes in public service. His father and uncle were both firefighters with the IFD, and his dad still serves as a commissioner for the district. James has spent many hours as a boy hanging around the fire department as his father served as a volunteer there. 


James tries hard to get all sides of every story he works on. He wants to be fair and write unbiased stories. He tries hard to do his legwork and leaves no sources unchecked when researching his articles. He believes that The Lexington Ledger should report the facts, and then let you decide how you feel about the news and events that area occurring where you live.  


Though teachers throughout James’ school years praised his writing ability, he didn’t decide to put his talents to use and pursue a career in journalism until recently. Before joining the Lexington Ledger’s staff, James contributed freelance articles to online sports publications such as Fansided and Bleacher Report.


Our hope is that you will enjoy James’ work and find it informative and interesting. If you have something that you would like for James to consider covering or comments about his articles, e-mail him at

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